Northcore XL Waterproof Phone Case/Pouch

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The ALL new XL version of Northcore waterproof key and phone case. Designed for larger phones such as iPhone max and plus.

The tough PVC wallet is supplied with a lanyard for securing the case inside a wetsuit, dry suit etc when you need to take your phone surfing, sailing, windsurfing, to the beach, or other outdoor activities. The case also includes a stretch adjustable armband to place onto your upper arm which is great for SUP, hiking, running etc.

The case will easily stash keys, including car immobiliser keys, credit cards, smart phones such as the iPhone max and cash when you need to protect them from water, dirt and sand. The case will fit most standard mobile phones and still allow the touch screen to be operated so you can turn your smart phone into an underwater camera!

  • Strong, flexible PVC plastic
  • Double seal with additional velcro fastening
  • 17 x 9.5cm
  • Includes lanyard and stretch adjustable arm band
  • Touch screen enabled
  • Perfect for turning your phone into an underwater camera