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Phix Doctor Surfboard Disposable Repair Kit - pack of 12 individual kits


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PhixDoctor is here to push fiberglass Repair Systems closer to the environmentally conscious sport they are an essential part of. Reduce, REPAIR, Reuse could be the mantra of this new line of repair kits.

Form and function take the stage in the form of flex pack packaging, compared to rigid plastic bottles or metal tubes flex pack technology reduces CO2 emissions by 85% and landfill space by up 90%.

Introducing the PhixDoctor MicroKit. These kits are sold in a box of 12, as single use repair kits which are airline approved, cheap & easy. You can stash them in your dash or let them ride in your wax pocket so your next ding repair goes down in seconds!

Kit contains:

    • 12 Complete Ding Kits
    • Per Box works for Epoxy or Polyester
    • 7 Grams Universal SunPowered Resin, Wet/Dry Sandpaper, Mylar
    • Smoothy Sheet, Easy Instructions

Only available to customers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Israel, South Africa, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Austria, Morocco, Canary Islands, Greece and Switzerland