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Ski Stronger - Ski Training DVD


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Ski Stronger, The Skiier's Workout - DVD

Get in shape to ski your best this ski season! The Ski Stronger DVD features a 50-minute ski-specific workout that focuses on building leg strength, core stability, and total body fitness - a complete ski conditioning program.

Get in better shape for skiing, prevent injury and ski longer by doing this workout just two to three times per week.

"Ski Stronger is an essential workout to my pre-season ski training" - CRAIG GABRIEL, Champion Free Skier

DVD features:

  • Warm up: Ski-specific warm up you can perform before the workout and before skiing
  • Workout: 35 minute full body ski-specific workout
  • Cool-down/stretch: 10 minute cool-down stretch to maintain maximum flexibility. Do it after the workout and after skiing


  • Bonus Core Workout: 12 minute bonus workout, Ski Stronger Quick Core
  • Exercise index: detailed instruction on exercises
  • Exercise manual: compact printed manual of exercises

This workout uses one pair of dumbbells and an exercise ball.