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Waxtrak 50 Pack - Cross Fire


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WAXTRAK is innovating the future of surf wax application, surf performance and wax removal. Featuring high performance bumps, perfect patterns, fresh designs and mess-free removal. WAXTRAK is a patented, removable vinyl sheet designed as the most effective way to put on wax, shape your wax and take off wax.

Once applied to a clean surfboard deck, WAXTRAK creates a unique tread pattern on your board that will grab your wax with ease and precision. Complete your upgraded wax job by rubbing on your favourite surf wax base-coat and finish up with a layer of top-coat suited for your water temperature.

When your wax becomes dirty and ready for a change, simply peel off the WAXTRAK. No more hours of scraping off old wax or putting your board in the hot sun to melt the wax. Less time waxing, more time surfing.

  • When applied correctly a WAXTRAK can last for months of regular use or years with occasional use
  • WAXTRAK reduces the amount of surf wax (a petro chemical based product) used: less application, less waste
  • WAXTRAK reduces pressure dings so helps a board retain it's re-sale value
  • WAXTRAK collects all old surf wax and strips it off with one move, keeping all the wax it one place for easy disposal - no more nasty surf wax stripped off onto the beach!